Bisno Schall Clock Gallery


Thank you for your interest in the Bisno Schall Clock Gallery! This website, mostly static, will unfold the story of one of the last remaining operational Seth Thomas Tower Clocks in America.

Over the course of two-years (2010-2012) a team of experts assembled in Santa Barbara to work on the conversion of what had become a storage room in the tower of the National Historic Landmark Santa Barbara Courthouse. Also located in this storage room is a fully functioning Seth Thomas tower clock--of which has been ticking the time and decades since its installation in the late summer of 1929.

There are three main features of this newly created Clock Gallery, they are: 1) completely restored Seth Thomas Tower Clock; 2) an interpretive mural surrounding the clock; and 3) custom electronics, ceiling display and room improvements made ready for visitors.

For more information about the Clock Gallery, please email:

Award Received

The entire Clock Project Team is proud to announce the presentation of the 2015 California Governor's Historic Preservation Award. This award to bestowed upon projects in California that contribute to the rich history of the state and help to tell the story of cultural assets and involvement of community members to bring that history to the general public. The award was presented to Maryan Schall, Mostyn Gale, Rodney Baker and Robert Ooley in honor of Dick Schall who had recently passed and on behalf of the entire Clock Project Team. Congratulations!



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